Good Dog Deeds – But We Need to do MORE

We have posted before about our five dogs that we have taken in from the streets. They’ve gone from cold, hungry, scared outcasts to well fed (maybe too well fed), indoor, loved members of the family. We also give to animal causes when we can. However, we need to do more.

The local paper reported that country music superstar and Oklahoma native, Miranda Lambert, recently had a grand opening for a five-acre animal shelter that her foundation, MuttNation, renovated near her hometown. It’s especially heart-warming because it is a no-kill shelter that has a capacity for 50 dogs at this time, with plans for future improvements. While that’s a wonderful thing, we need to do more.

My son lives in Arizona and has a full time job as a RN. His aptitude for caring carries over to his full time non-paying job, which is being actively involved in animal rescue in his home state. In addition to raising a family and his own pets, he has fostered over 40 dogs and cats in the last year and a half. The article below is one he wrote to raise awareness. This happened in Arizona, but it happens every day all across our nation. Thank you, Justin, for reminding us again, we do need to do more.

Article written by Justin Pope. Reprinted with permission.

This is Odie.

Odie is dead.

Odie was killed by you and me. It wasn’t because someone didn’t go down to the shelter and adopt her. It wasn’t because someone didn’t sign up as a foster to rescue her from the “short term rescue” list. It isn’t because we didn’t like and share and network her enough.

No, she was never given any of those chances.

Odie was killed last week at the Pima Animal Care Center. I really want to say murdered, but that implies it was illegal, and by all indications the staff had the proper form signed by the proper number of people so that they could, by law, condemn this pet to death.

Odie was surrendered after her owner of six years passed away, and next of kin couldn’t care for her. She had a collar on with a tag that read, “I’m deaf,” and the volunteer who took this photo said she appeared to be blind as well. Not surprisingly, Odie was getting stressed out and barking loudly in the shelter – being thrown in a concrete cell with strangers and all the strange smells can’t be an easy situation for any animal, let alone one that cannot hear or see clearly. Can you imagine your own disorientation? With the simple touch of a few fingers through the wire gate, she stopped barking and calmed down. All she needed was companionship.

The evaluator who assessed Odie told the volunteer she was going off for alter surgery before becoming available for adoptions, so she posted this photo to start spreading the word.

Odie’s story was very personal to me because my most recent rescue litter included a deaf puppy. I was so worried about finding her an appropriate home, but wouldn’t you know it she was the first puppy adopted, taken home by a loving family that did their research and was committed to the challenges of a deaf dog. But bad things do happen, and Odie could easily have been my puppy, a couple years from now.

There are so many ways this story could end. There are rescues who specialize in special needs animals who are blind and or deaf. There are people who would drop everything to get this girl out of this miserable environment and into a safe home. I would have dropped everything if I knew my puppy was there. But you already know that isn’t how this story ends. Instead of going to be altered as the volunteer had been told, Odie was actually taken away to be euthanized.

The solution to the confusion caused by the strange shelter environment in this healthy girl who had been a loved family member for six years… was to kill her.

How is this our fault? Pima Animal Care Center is a public shelter, a government agency run by the Pima County Health Department. They are ultimately accountable to our elected county officials, and they ultimately represent us. PACC has made a lot of progress in the past few years, but only because of the pressure the rescue community has put on them, and it isn’t enough. We just gave them a $22 million check for a brand new facility, so there has never been a better time to change the culture. They will only continue to improve if there is continued public pressure to do so.

Adopt. Rescue. Volunteer. Donate. But at the very least, spread the word, raise awareness, and make your voice heard. Do it now, before the next Odie comes into the shelter.

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It Must Be Fall – Football’s Here!

I’m going to take advantage of my guest blogging to brag on Janet’s digital scrapbooking kits. It could be said I’m biased, but I think it’s just fact – her kits are some of the very best available, especially her sports kits. What made me decide to mention them is that it is once again football season. Soon there will be lots of photos being taken with which to get creative. Deedoo’s Digital Scrapbooking has a fantastic Football Digital Kit. It’s a huge kit with lots of special features. It even has a “working” scoreboard!

If you think of a round ball when you think football, her Soccer Digital Kit is pretty amazing as well.


All of her sports kits are packed with unique papers and elements. She puts a lot of time and work into her kits, and it shows. You’ll have plenty to work with to create some beautiful layouts. Below are a couple of example layouts:

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Dog Daze

Janet is busy, so hope you don’t mind, I’m taking up the pen – er, word processor. I’m getting the writing bug and thought I’d fill in till Janet takes back over.

To get my guest blogging started: In a post a while back, Janet wrote we have four dogs. Recount. We have five now. All strays that we took in off the streets – well, actually, they adopted us. Lucky was a stray who followed Janet home when walking her son’s dog. Happy was a stray who had rocks thrown at him in the neighborhood, but still came up to our grandkids in our front yard. Shafer was the stray German Shepherd who was scared of his shadow and ran from everyone, yet came to me in a field and let me pick him up and put him in the car. Rowdy is the one who appeared out of nowhere Christmas and was our present that year. Most recently we acquired Daisy.

It happened when I had an appointment, but missed the road onto which I was supposed to turn. I took the next road and drove by this dog on the side of the road. We had four strays we had taken in already, I couldn’t stop. But when I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw the dog walk in front of traffic and nearly get hit. I debated about stopping, but we already had four strays we’d taken in, so I kept driving. I finally called home and told Janet about the dog. She pointed out that we already had four strays that we had taken in. However, I decided to turn around. If the dog was still there, I was going to try to rescue her. The dog had made it to the other side of the road, but was still in the area, so I stopped and she let me approach her. I got her in the car and took her home. She had obviously been on the road a long time. Her fur was matted and she was covered in ticks and fleas. I bathed her, groomed her the best I could, and we put up posters. I tried to find her a home at work since we already had four strays we had taken in. But……. now we have five. It’s a house full for sure. They are family and we wouldn’t want to be without a single one of them.

Here is a picture of Daisy. She has always been afraid of the noise a camera makes (even those on a phone) and rarely sits for a photo. For some reason, with our new phones, she doesn’t run off when the camera is selected, so we are finally able to get some decent pictures of her.

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Supercuts Delivers A Good Haircut – Who Knew?

Kids Haircuts

My son took his two children to get haircuts at Supercuts, and grandma tagged along. It was my first Supercuts experience, and I must say it was a good one. The kids each had their hair cut by a different operator, and the results were great. The operators chatted with the kids and made them feel comfortable, all the while expertly snipping and shaping their hair. Although Supercuts is known for reasonably priced haircuts, they still deliver a ‘full price’ haircut. We were finished within a half hour and on our way to another adventure.

We had just finished an outing in the park, enjoying the 70 degree weather before it changed on us! Since I failed to remember my trusty camera (again), I was able to snap photos at the park and the hair salon using my phone’s camera. The pics are so good that I am tempted to rely on the phone more and more to capture impromptu photos. It certainly is more than convenient! I don’t miss carrying around my camera, that’s for sure. One less thing to lose or misplace!

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Incredible Vision – Incredible Science – Incredible Future

This is a long video of a presentation at the TED conference, but well worth the time. Amazing minds are bringing incredible things to life, literally. Take a few minutes to get a glimpse into the very near future of human ‘evolution’.

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