Photo Borders in Photoshop Elements 4 and Photoshop CS2

    Original Digital Photo      

    White Border Digital Photo

    Black Pinstripe & White Border Digital Photo

A border around your photo is a simple enhancement that will make the photo pop. A simple white border is fine, but to add a professional touch, try a thinner, black outline between the photo and the white border. This will create a subtle, yet effective difference! Here’s how to do it.

1. Open the photo you wish to have a border.
2. Double-click on the photo layer in the layers palette & rename it “Photo 1″.
3. PSE4:Choose ‘Edit’-‘Stroke(Outline)Selection.
    PSCS2: Choose ‘Edit’ – ‘Stroke’.
4. Choose 30 px, and change the color in the color picker to black. Select ‘Inside’. Click ‘OK’. This places a 30 pixel black border around your photo.
5. PSE4:Again, choose ‘Edit’ – ‘Stroke(Outline)Selection.
    PSCS2:Again, choose ‘Edit’ – ‘Stroke’.
6. This time, choose 25 px, and change the color in the color picker to white. Select ‘Inside’. Click ‘Ok’. This places a 25 pixel white border inside your photo, leaving a 5 pixel black border next to the photo itself.

Try changing the width of the pixel border to suit your tastes. You can also use only black or white, and reduce the overall size of the border for different looks!

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